Consulting Structural Engineers: Brisbane

Throughout Queensland and the greater Brisbane area we have helped in the design of many structures, for both house holders and builders.

Queensland requires engineers registration (RPEQ) which we hold. When we have emailed you the final plans all you do is take them to your council building department or a private certifier. If you need a list of private certifiers we can email you one.

Brisbane and the rest of Queensland have among the highest rates of sunshine in all of Australia. Many people are now taking advantage of this by installing solar cells on their roofs. We can check your roof design to ascertain if it is strong enough and if it needs strengthening we can advise how it can be done efficiently. We also provide an inexpensive design for roof brackets for solar panels.

The sunshine and heat also makes shade sails and patios popular. These are part and parcel of the many structural engineering services we provide.

Some people prefer to build their own sheds. We can provide shed designs of all types whether parallel truss, 'A' truss, hot rolled steel I beams, cold formed steel portal frames, or even timber sheds.

Brisbane is one of the areas where you can use private building certifiers/surveyors. We have a list of Queensland registered building surveyors who can certify your project. They do not have to live locally but can be anywhere in Queensland.

We have standard details of most parts of buildings that you may need. All the way from the footings to the roof. When you contact us with your specific requirement we can let you know how long it would take to send you the proper details.

Queensland is famous for its beach front dwellings. When you send us the details for your job, including the address, we check to see how it is from the sea front thus we can make the design appropiate for the amount of corrosion expected, without the dramatics of overdesigning.

Brisbane and especially the north part of Queensland also are prone to cyclonic conditions. This can include both heavy rain and strong winds. Our designs fully take both of those weather conditions into account.

If you are near a transport hub there are often regulations for sound insulation. We have simplified design certificates that are normally adequate for Council requirements, thus saving you considerable expense in getting a comprehensive site noise abatement survey. Before going down the track for a comprehensive survey you can inquire about the simplified certificate.

Please contact us with your specific requirements even if they are not listed on our website. We will get back to you within a few days with our best price.