Structural Certification

We provide certification services which satisfy the requirements of local councils around Australia. If we are provided with neat and complete drawings, certification can usually be provided within 3 working days. We provide certification for (but not limited to) sheds, pools, patios, alfresco, and house extensions.

If you're sending in plans to us with the intention of having them certified, please include all relevant dimensions and section sizes, and as much detail as possible. It is ideal to have your drawings done by a professional design-draftsperson, however, in many cases a neat hand drawn sketch will do.

In certifying your drawings,  we will amend them to include any additional details which need to be included, and we will change anything which needs amending before sending them back to you electronically.

If you require hard copies, we will send them by express post so they should reach you within 2 days, wherever in Australia you are.