Consulting Structural Engineers: Melbourne

We have been serving clients in Melbourne and Victoria for a decade. Our Melbourne customers run across a whole range of domestic and commercial industries.

As our title page indicates we also offer engineering services to the rest of the state of Victoria. The turn around time for jobs is generally faster than normal due to the fact that we send drawings and certification by email.

We have worked in consort with other companies to aid in the design and certification of warehouses both small and large around the city.

Some of the designs we can deliver are single and multi storey houses, domestic and commercial sheds, screen walls, hoardings, pool design, shade sails, and so forth.

Simply contact us using the button below or details on our main page to get a quote for one of these. If there is a project that you have in mind that we have not mentioned here don't be deterred, so long as it has anything to do with structural engineering it is possible that we can still help you.

Right from the ground to the roof we can provide engineering designs suitable to your needs. Our designs are efficient and even more importantly cost effective. Most people do not realise that all engineers do not provide identical designs. There can be a vast difference between the amounts of material used and thus the transport and labour input necessary.

The Melbourne metropolitan area has the good fortune of having material suppliers close at hand. But Melbourne and Victoria in general provide certain demands not seen in most parts of Australia. One of these is that in at high altitudes designs have to cope with frost and snow loads. We follow the snow load loads for all the geographical parts of Victoria.

Another particular demand is that in the bushland areas there is a fire risk. Our steel and masonry buildings are designed to withstand heat damage for over the regulation period.

The beach front areas of Victoria may also have corrosion problems. When you send us your work we check on the map to see how far it is from sea water and design accordingly.

These days, there is an increasing movement towards wind and solar power. Many houses and industrial buildings are being retrofitted with photovoltaic panels on their roof. We can check the design of your roof's ability to carry the extra load. We can also provide bracket mounting details for sheeted and tiled roofs.

Rural properties around Victoria are also installed wind generators. We can do the tower design for mounting the generator body.

Please email us today and we'll get back to you with a quote.