Consulting Structural Engineers: Perth

Perth has the good fortune of being the head quarters of Engineering Online Australia. The Perth metropolitan area as well as all of Western Australia has been well served by our engineers for many years. Through much of Western Australia, and especially the Perth metropolitan area we can make site visits.

Our range of services for our local community include building damage and defect inspections, for example fire damaged properties or vandalised structures. This type of inspection is often called forensic structural engineering. In the past we have even done work for police departments and often for insurance companies.

As Perth is the capital city for the West Australian mining industry, we service a lot of mining and industrial clients. In addition to this, builders in the Perth metropolitian area and other regional centres, such as Geraldton, often use our services for residential work.

Our staff have designed thousands of sheds throughout Western Australia including fully cyclonic regions.

Western Australia is also blessed by having the best renewable energy resources of the continent. These include wind and solar. Many householders are installing solar panels on their roof, and even some builders are offering the panels as part of the building option. We can check the design of existing roofs and upgrade the design of future roofs to make sure that they can take the extra load of the panels.

Farms are also interested in wind generators. We can do the design for the poles of wind generators both for the private builder and companies.