Consulting Structural Engineers: Sydney

We have been experienced as Consulting Structural Engineers for the Sydney and New South Wales region for 10 years. Our Sydney clients include local residential builders, who we aid in design and certification.

Our works covers all of the Sydney metropolitan area as well as all of New South Wales and beyond. Please refer to the main page of our site for the various engineering design and certification services that we offer for the Sydney area.

Our engineers have provided design and certification for several hundred steel structures and sheds throughout the Sydney area.

We also supply shed designs to the Sydney metropolitan area.

Our engineering services for Sydney include: Residential certification for new homes and extensions (including slab and footing design), shed design, factory and warehouse design, commercial and apartments, retaining wall certification, and fence certification.

Requesting a design or certification from us is as easy as an email. You simply write to us what you require, you can attach a sketch or a building plan done by yourself, a design draftsperson, or an architect. We will get back to you within a couple of days with more information about how to serve your particular need.

Whether it is a standard detail for a footing and slab or a retaining wall or screen wall or one of the many other standard details that we can provide. Or whether it is a specific Consulting Structural drawing for a single or multistorey building, residential or commercial. Or even if it is for a light or heavy steel structure, we can do specific designs and drawings for all of the above.

The Sydney and New South Wales region poses a particular challenge due to its climate. There are many coastal communities with salt laden air that can affect buildings particuarly steel reinforced structures. We are at the cutting edge of concrete design using corrosion resistant materials.

The forested areas around Sydney and elsewhere in New South Wales also pose a risk of fire particarly in summer time. We specialise in fire resistant domestic and industrial buildings.

The highlands surrounding Sydney and in the west and south of NSW are often prone to frost and sometimes to snow loads on the roof of the buildings. We design buildings for these areas taking into account possible future snow loads.

Some buildings around airports and adjacent to busy highways need sound insulation. We use a checklist system to minimise sound levels inside the building so that the owner or the builder can select the methods that suit them best.

There are numerous rivers and creeks around the Sydney metropolitan area and the rest of New South Wales. These often need bridges or culverts to allow for pedestrian or vehicle transport. We do designs all the way from pedestrian suspension bridges to heavy articulated truck reinforced concrete.

We look forward to hearing from our Sydney and New South Wales clients.